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Steelers Chaplain Chad

Steelers Chaplain Chad

Author: Dani Bostick
August 12, 2016

I first found out about Johnson last week when I asked Steelers CB Kevin Fogg during an interview who had made the biggest impression on him within the Steelers organization. I was ready to transcribe a familiar name like James Harrison, Cameron Heyward, or even Mike Tomlin. Instead, I found myself saying, "Wait. Who??" The person who has made the biggest impact on Fogg so far is Chad Johnson, team chaplain.

Johnson's journey to the NFL involved a chance encounter between a utility worker and a coach of the Arizona Cardinals. The two met when Johnson's friend went to turn on Green's water. Both men were chatty, and eventually, Green asked the friend if he knew anyone who could minister to athletes and provide guidance for the team. Johnson loved God and sports, and had done some ministry work in the PAC 10 (now PAC 12). His name was dropped. And, with that, Chad Johnson became the chaplain of the Arizona Cardinals.




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