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Creating a Winning Culture

Creating a Winning Culture

Author: Chad M. Johnson
March 24, 2016

If someone would've asked me even 5 years ago that I would be doing what I'm doing I wouldn't have said this!!!

TODAY I was asked to speak to the San Diego Padres major league players and coaches on "Creating a Winning Culture". Mannnnn, I love this STUFF!!!

Afterwards Mark McGwire, who is now hitting coach with them, told me that it was one of the best speeches to a major league team he has ever heard. Then he expressed to me at least 3 times after that this was in his wo...rds "Freaking Awesome!" (Replace the freaking) LOL I told him that I just hoped it contributed to the work there! The manager asked to be available to fly in throughout the year to speak at different times and my quick response was "say the word!" At least 10 of the brothers asked me for my number because they wanted to talk on a personal note. (Side bar ...... I didn't preach a single scripture, ALL of my points were straight from scripture... That's a powerful principle). Also, today is my dad's birthday. Oh man, how he would be excited to tell ALL of his many friends about what "his son" did today LOL. I shared a couple stories of lessons that I received from him that helped me win in life! Props to my pops today!! I miss him every day!!!! This life we live is full of amazing opportunities.... today, I'm encouraged and challenged to live more free, and dream bigger because in the days ahead there are loads of surprises!!!

Me and the new Manager, Andy Green.




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