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October 16, 2018

Michelle Williams and I are excited to share a very REAL and in depth look into our journey!! Our new show #ChadLovesMichelle season premiere will air on Nov. 3rd on OWN TV. Help us share this amazing opportunity to promote good, positive, uplifting, and REAL tv!! Remember, what we tune into and promote on our pages is like casting a vote to the TV industry about what we want.

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By Chad M. Johnson
September 10, 2016

Elevate International hosted what we hope to be an annual (at least) community engagement breakfast with our urban youth and the Phoenix Police Department. It was impactful to say the least! We felt that in these EXTREMELY tough and tense times our voice had to be heard in the most positive way we could express it! I felt that it would be a great starting place to spearhead some momentum toward reconciliation by giving our youth the opportunity to serve the police breakfast.... I believe that true steps toward real reconciliation only happen when we imitate what the Word of God teaches through Christ's example... To go to them, and get at their level (the gospel). Also to hear and seek to understand and be heard as well! There were great conversations as the youth and officers shared stories about their lives. We shed tears and laughed together. The young people prayed over the officers and it was powerful!!! The youth all were really overwhelmed by the kindness of the officers and encouraged by the steps that are being taken by the PD to make sure that more community involvement is taking place along with great accountability for the ones that don't uphold their noble position as public servants! I could write a book about the reasons/ need to host the day but in all it was a small step in the right direction and I pray that we ALL can seek to make a change. Not by finger pointing or shouting, but by serving and communicating to build bridges that strengthen our communities and nation!!! HUGE thanks to the City of PHX PD and all of our amazing @elevateint volunteers and youth!! I'm so proud of all of you and grateful to be a part of such an incredible day!

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By Chad M. Johnson
August 19, 2016

This week has been pretty AMAZING!! I had the incredible opportunity to speak to over 300 Chick-Fil-A Executives at their corporate offices in Atlanta. Their culture and commitment to excellence and hospitality is second to none!!! Made me feel good about the hundreds of times I've purchased food from them! I am pictured here with the CEO: Dan Cathy

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By Dani Bostick
August 12, 2016

I first found out about Johnson last week when I asked Steelers CB Kevin Fogg during an interview who had made the biggest impression on him within the Steelers organization. I was ready to transcribe a familiar name like James Harrison, Cameron Heyward, or even Mike Tomlin. Instead, I found myself saying, "Wait. Who??" The person who has made the biggest impact on Fogg so far is Chad Johnson, team chaplain.

Johnson's journey to the NFL involved a chance encounter between a utility worker and a coach of the Arizona Cardinals. The two met when Johnson's friend went to turn on Green's water. Both men were chatty, and eventually, Green asked the friend if he knew anyone who could minister to athletes and provide guidance for the team. Johnson loved God and sports, and had done some ministry work in the PAC 10 (now PAC 12). His name was dropped. And, with that, Chad Johnson became the chaplain of the Arizona Cardinals.

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By Chad M. Johnson
March 24, 2016

If someone would've asked me even 5 years ago that I would be doing what I'm doing I wouldn't have said this!!!

TODAY I was asked to speak to the San Diego Padres major league players and coaches on "Creating a Winning Culture". Mannnnn, I love this STUFF!!!

Afterwards Mark McGwire, who is now hitting coach with them, told me that it was one of the best speeches to a major league team he has ever heard. Then he expressed to me at least 3 times after that this was in his wo...rds "Freaking Awesome!" (Replace the freaking) LOL I told him that I just hoped it contributed to the work there! The manager asked to be available to fly in throughout the year to speak at different times and my quick response was "say the word!" At least 10 of the brothers asked me for my number because they wanted to talk on a personal note. (Side bar ...... I didn't preach a single scripture, ALL of my points were straight from scripture... That's a powerful principle). Also, today is my dad's birthday. Oh man, how he would be excited to tell ALL of his many friends about what "his son" did today LOL. I shared a couple stories of lessons that I received from him that helped me win in life! Props to my pops today!! I miss him every day!!!! This life we live is full of amazing opportunities.... today, I'm encouraged and challenged to live more free, and dream bigger because in the days ahead there are loads of surprises!!!

Me and the new Manager, Andy Green.

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